SYRIAN SPECIALTIES 4: Full Menu (Vegetarian/Parve/Non-dairy)

Cuisine & Diet:  Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Rice & Grains, Rosh Hashanah, Shabbat, Sukkot, Syrian, Thanksgiving, Vegan, Vegetables, Vegetarian


  • Addes: Red Lentil Soup with Garlic, Coriander, and Lemon
  • Fattush: Parsley Salad with Parsley, Cucumbers, Mint-Za’tar Dressing, and Pita Croutons (optional)
  • Sbanech b’Limoneh: Creamed lemon spinach with chickpeas
  • Beddah b’Bandoorah: Syrian Tomato Stew with Green Peppers, Olives, Cumin, and Whole Eggs (optional)
  • Riz: Long Grain Rice with Onions and Pine Nuts


Vine ripe tomatoes
Green bell peppers
Kirby, Israeli or Persian cucumbers
Romaine lettuce
Baby spinach leaves
Flat-leaf parsley leaves
Ground cumin
Ground coriander
Dried mint
Za’tar spice blend
Sweet and/or hot paprika
Kosher salt
Black pepper
Dried red lentils
All-purpose flour
Unflavored pita chips
Apple cider vinegar
Vegetable, canola, sunflower, or safflower oil
Extra virgin olive oil
Hot sauce (such as Tabasco; optional)
One 28-ounce can (about 3 cups) crushed tomatoes
Canned chickpeas
Green olives (such as the Greek Naphlion or Sicilian style; preferably without pits and soaked in oil)
Pita, thick crusty peasant bread, or steamed rice (for serving)
Long grain white rice
Pine nuts

Measuring cups and spoons

Chef’s/large chopping knife and cutting board
Fine mesh strainer
2-quart saucepan
3-quart saucepan with lid
Small skillet
13-inch skillet (needs to be about 3 inches deep)
2 small bowls
Small bowl or jar (for salad dressing)
Large serving bowl and spoons to toss and serve salad

Jennifer Abadi | SYRIAN SPECIALTIES 4: Full Menu (Vegetarian/Parve/Non-dairy)